YAHAM Slim LED street light

Heat sink:Integrated Die-casting aluminum body, small and exquisite appearance; streamlined housing to avoid dust accumulation and rain-washing convenience and ensure better heat dissipation.
Professional TYPE III beam distribution, 55°×145°(30W),75°×150°(60W) optional.
30W/60W available
Light Efficacy up to 120lm/W
Luminaire lumens up to 7,200lm
IP65 protection rating
5 years warranty
Electrical: 100-277Vac, 50/60Hz, PF≥0.95
Light sensor plug-in, extensive energy saving
Solar panel compatible
10KV Surge Protection
Alternative mounting methods
Types of Application:Parks, Gardens and courtyards, Bike paths, Sidewalks, Residential Streets, Rural Road, etc.

Post time: 12-07-2017