Wireless Mouse Problem Troubleshooting

I have an IBM computer configured with a wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse and a wireless transmitter, and they all cooperate with me very well. But recently my mouse cursor has no response after I changed the battery. Firstly I don’t know what’s going on with it, but the thing I am sure is that my keyboard and mouse have no mechanical problems. Then I try to troubleshoot it.

Above all, I think I should check the installation of thebattery. It has been installed correctly and the LED on this optical mouse is in red, so I can confirm that this device is working normally. However, why my mouse still has no response?

Next, with my keyboard, I go to StartControl PanelHardwareDevice ManagerMice and other pointing devices, and check my current pointing device to see if there is an exclamatory mark next to it. Again everything seems very normal there.

Third, I scrutinize all the connecting ports to make sure they are available and all cables have been inserted securely.

Finally, I press the button for wireless signal transmitting on the bottom of the keyboard, when the signal light on the keyboard begins to flicker I press the button for signal receiving on my mouse. After I perform this simple operation, my mouse begins to receive the wireless signal and work properly once again! So the cause of this failure is that I haven’t press the buttons on the keyboard and the mouse in an orderly way when I replace the battery.

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Post time: 12-09-2016