Whelen PAR-46 20° x 60° LED Floodlight

The Whelen PAR-46 Replacement 20° x 60° LED Floodlight (P46WLC) would make an excellent Off-Road driving lamp. These PAR-46 LED floodlights are also a drop-in replacement for the outdated halogen lamps in the Unity Spotlight. Lightweight, low-current and water resistant, they provide stable light output for thousands of operating hours. Whelen PAR-46 Replacement 20° x 60° LED Floodlights are rated to last 50,000 hours and provide an unbelievably bright light.


12 VDC floodlight draws only 1.9 amps and provides more lumens per watt than traditional sources:
1600 Lumens
25 Watts
Traditional Halogen Lamp
1000 Lumens
50 Watts
Installs easily in minutes.
Reverse polarity protected.
Replaceable hard coated polycarbonate lens provides increased durability and longevity.
Heavy-duty black powder coated die-cast aluminum heatsink.
Industry standard brass slotted head connection point.
Unit weighs only 1 lb.
SAE J1113-42 Class 5 EMI certified.
Emits zero EMI.
Internal thermal regulator maximizes the lifespan of the LED diodes.
Internal circuity and unique optics provide an extremely intense and smooth floodlight.
Ventilation system eliminates the infiltration of moisture by providing a constant internal atmosphere.

Whelen Five Year Warranty

Post time: 12-14-2017