Truck Bed Lights with LED Strips DIY How-To

Here are the items that I used to setup my Truck Bed Lights using LED Strips. I have linked you to the direct items at amazon so you can purchase them and receive free shipping.

Waterproof LED Light Strips (Double Intensity) —
Waterpoorf Heat Shrink Butt Splices —
Soldering Iron (the one I use) —
Rocker Switches —
Silicon Sealant —
Digital Multimeter —

That list should get you started, and you can use my video as a DIY How-to. There are many ways to tap into power for your Truck Bed Lights, but I chose the trailer harness. You can tap into rear lights, cargo lights, even run a wire directly from the battery if that is easier for you.

Post time: 12-13-2016