The History of White Noise Technology and the White Noise Machine

White noise technology can be traced back to the late 1800s when people like Thomas Alva Edison were beginning to conduct extensive research and experimentation with sound and sound waves. Some of the earliest results of those experiments were the tube phonograph and components of the modern telephone. We all know where those technologies have led but not many people have followed the white noise technology that made so many of these advancements possible. The white noise machine is only a very small part of this adventure in scientific growth and expansion.

White noise, like white light, is a combination of all of the different bandwidths or frequencies played together. Noises are broken down according to their individual frequencies and become individual sounds. Adjustments in tone, volume and other changes allow that sound to be translated by the ear into what we finally hear as the result.

The reason that a white noise generator can work is because it generally plays all of the different sound frequencies together. What this does is effectively mask or cover up any external sounds without the need to overpower them or to be played louder than other ambient sounds. This is why a relatively quiet white noise generator can be used to deaden even loud and obnoxious sounds when it is used properly.

Imagine if there were only one hundred different sound frequencies. Imagine that each one of those frequencies is indicated by a separate “voice”. If there are one hundred voices all talking at the same time, are you going to be able to discern everything that is being said? If one or two more voices are added with the addition of your conversation, do you think the casual observer will have a great chance of understanding what you are talking about? That is the functional principle behind white noise technology and the white noise sound machine.

The first commercial white noise machines were made somewhere around 1962 but that did not stop the progress of white noise technology. Today, there is a wide range of white noise technology that is readily available which was not even dreamed about back in the nineteen-sixties. From the small and relatively simple white noise generator to some of the more advanced electronic white noise makers, your white noise sound machine options will only increase as time goes on.

One of the latest additions to the white noise generator is the dubbing in of music or other sounds over top of the white noise being played discreetly in the background. Examples of this can be found in certain white noise machines that have pre-recorded sounds as well as the relatively recent introduction of the white noise cd that incorporates this same dubbing white noise technology. Together, the natural sounds mixed with the white noise itself, help to block out unwanted sounds while still allowing you to listen to music to help you relax and rest better.

The history of white noise technology and the white noise sound machine is a fascinating study across many types of medium and moving on into the future nicely as the technological advancements allow. Whether you are looking for a simple white noise machine to mask outside noises or one of the more advanced white noise sound generators with substantially more options, including the playing of relaxing music, the white noise machine is already available for you today. What the future holds for white noise generators and white noise technology looks to be a very interesting study though, and well worth keeping up with.

Post time: 11-25-2016