Strobe Lights for you vehicle to warn others

Emergency vehicles need strobe lights. But there are some other kinds of vehicle that could benefit from the addition of a strobe light, Construction vehicles, municipal vehicles, farm vehicles, postal workers vehicles and not forgetting the vehicles used by our armed forces. Strobe lights come in many forms, which is what makes them ideal for any type of vehicle that needs to warn of its approach. On construction sites, you often see a single strobe light fitted to vehicles, and that is deployed when the vehicle is moving. Often the vehicles on construction sites move very slowly due to the size and weight of the machines themselves, and a strobe is a good way of showing others that you are indeed on the move.

Strobe lights have been with us for some time and the origin of the strobe is open to debate. Some say that Dr. Harold Edgerton invented the strobe light in 1926 during his work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whilst he was studying the effects of high-speed flashes in photographic use. Some say strobe lights were used on steamships to help diagnose mechanical faults. Although the actual invention date is lost, strobe lights are mentioned in a Royal Navy seaman’s manual dated 1911. Therefore, Strobe or stroboscopic lights have been around for some time.

At this point, it’s probably worth going into how strobe lights work. Basically, strobe lights provide illumination by producing a series of short, bright flashes, just like a camera flash. Strobe lights have two main electrical components, a voltage source and a capacitor. The voltage source builds up a charge in the capacitor to produce a spark. As the capacitor is mounted in a gas-filled chamber, the spark in the chamber jumps from one side of the capacitor to the other producing bright flashes of light.

So now, you have a little history of strobe lights and where are they mostly used today. Strobe lights can be used to great effect in clubs, when set to flash in time with the beat of the music. Strobe lights are on general sale at various retailers but you or I cannot fit one to our vehicle. In most states, the use of strobe lights on private vehicles on the highway is illegal. So even if you think it looks cool, you would be breaking the law. Some vehicle shows use strobe lights to show of vehicles and this is acceptable as the vehicle is not in general use.

Strobe lights are not just single units. They come in a variety of different types these days, including LED strobes. Single beacon strobes are relatively inexpensive. So if you need additional warning lights on your vehicle they can be added cheaply. Sometimes on call doctors, nurses and other medical staff will have a strobe they can use in emergencies, but in the main only official vehicles should have strobe lights fitted. The main purpose of strobe lights is to warn others of your presence. So it’s fairly crucial to have one on any emergency vehicle.

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Post time: 12-04-2016