Shepherds and the Nativity


When people think of the Nativity, the Holy Family and the three Wise Men are often thought of. Also, the angel who announced Jesus’ birth. But who did the angel announce the birth of Christ to? The shepherds. The shepherds were said to be out in the field attending to their herd of sheep when a bright star shone bright in the sky. Then an angel appeared before them and said to not be afraid for their newborn king had been born. Some of the more infamous shepherds are Gabriel, Matthew and Micah.


Gabriel was a young boy who liked to daydream. He did not care much for tending sheep. He spent his days daydreaming of faraway places. His mother would pack his lunch, and when he would set out the food to eat, he would pretend he was eating a glorious feast. One day he came skipping down a slope, pretending to be a bird. The flock was being walked to a different grassland to be fed. Before he knew it, he heard a thud and turned around to see a baby lamb wedged between a rock. Apparently, the lamb had been following Gabriel, and not the rest of the sheep. Gabriel pulled the little lamb from the rock and hoisted him on his shoulders. Gabriel went and followed the flock. When they stopped to set up camp, Gabriel put the little lamb down next to him. He checked the lambs legs out and found nothing wrong. The little lamb was dazed, but he stood up and joined the rest of the flock.


Matthew had been out afternoon looking for the little lamb who had gotten lost. He could not think where she could have gone to. Matthew thought to himself that His wife would tell him to trust in God, so he said a little prayer for the lamb. Matthew continued his search for the lamb. Just over the next hill, he heard a commotion. He found the lamb stuck in a thorn bush with a wolf set to attack. Matthew threw a rock at the wolf and scared it away. Matthew freed the lamb from the bush and calmed her down. Matthew then returned to his camp. The rest of the shepherds were resting when he came back. He took the lamb and put her back with the rest of the sheep. Out of nowhere, a blinding white light lit the sky up. He asked the other shepherds if they had seen the light. Before anyone could answer, there was more light. A heavenly voice spoke down to them. It told them not to be afraid. There has been a child born who is a Savior. He is the son of God. The angel told the shepherds that this child was brought here to save man from their sins. As quickly as the lights had shone, they were gone. The shepherds packed their belongings and went in search of the newborn king.


Micah enjoyed herding sheep very much. He would lie in the grass and dream of what he would become. Possibly a baker. Then he would be able to bring bread home for his mother. All of a sudden he heard a noise and saw a sheep bolt from the pack. Micah was a quick runner and caught the sheep. He told the sheep he must not do that again. Out of the sky appeared a bright light. A star perhaps. The light shown brightly all night long. When he returned home the following morning he told his family of the sight. His brothers and sisters informed him the light signaled the birth of the newborn King.

Post time: 12-20-2016