Sequential Switch Sign Switchback LED Panel

This panel has been built to function identical to a twin filament transform signal bulb, with two unique functions, jogging lights as well as transform signals. Like a “Switchback” LED transform signal bulb, when the jogging lights are activated, the white LEDs appear on. When the transform signal is activated, the white LEDs shut off, and the sequence of Amber LEDs begins. The speed of the sequence is adjustable making use of a thrust sort toggle which can be mounted within the motor vehicle, or concealed in the motor bay for good tuning.

Following the transform signal is completed, the white LEDs immediately resume function. This video clip exhibits a prefabbed LED board, but the controller alone is available as a stand by yourself device, so that LEDs can be custom mounted in any form, or sizing. For much more info, get in touch with us at or get in touch with us: 909 684 5044

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Post time: 11-16-2016