Rave Clothes- The Newest Fashion Statement

There must be very few who have not heard about Rave clothes. However, few seem to realize the reason why people would go for them while there are a lot many other options of clothing available? Well, for the first, rave clothes deal with party wear. They are basically clothes or accessories that heighten up the party mood.

Most of the time, these accessories include equalizer shirts, glow sticks and battery operated items that glow in the dark and make you look bright and glamorous.Now the fashion of Rave Clothes has changed from earlier times. The craze of the 90s has now led to a more hip hop culture of rave clothing which includes hip hop style fat pants, Rave Lights and many other Rave Gear.

The craze of the rave phase began in the 1990’s with the “advent” of the fat pants, but the trend has spread to a wider public now and gained a larger fan base. Whereas, previously, it was only a night party thing to wear, now it has increasingly come to symbolize any sort of celebration, even the July 4th celebrations.

Certain cultures are now playing a role in the rave trends, usually people who opt for these try to display their loyalty to certain culture or group. This group can also be based on the broad theme of patriotism. If you are fashion conscious and want to make a statement in a gathering or celebration, then rave clothes are for you.

Types of Rave Clothing

Among the various items offered by rave is the 3D Arrow shirts that have arrows printed which glow in night. They emerged to be a craze among the trendy folk. You can also try out the ‘lips shirt’ if you want to look sexy and appear stylish. With this variety of shirt on, you can easily make an impact on the crowd. Boys will be wooing you in no time. It is best to get this shirt in skin fitting garment.

Radioactive shirts are yet another set that’s worth trying. Those who are wondering about its specialties, they are just shirts which happen to radiate light when you are on the dance floor. Latest technology has been used in this kind of shirts.

Rave Lights as accessories also play a major role in the range. There are the newly popular LED gloves for example. You can set these gloves to mono or multi color modes. Isn’t it cool? You can also try out equalizer shirts that have been specially designed to move up and down along with the beat of the music. Now this is something your friends will be talking about, isn’t it?

Body lights are also very in this season, these stick to your body and fade in and out constantly. They use only about a CR927 battery which can be replaced from time to time.

Post time: 12-23-2016