Police cars prefer light bars LED for emergency purpose

Earlier emergency vehicles were dependent upon the usage of traditional lighting technology. Beacons were the only warning devices with much popularity as there weren’t many options available to the emergency vehicles users. Later on, strobe lights came into existence, which proved to be much brighter than incandescent bulbs. At present, LED technology proves to be the best in the field of lighting technology, especially for emergency vehicles. The advantages of LED lights outnumber the benefits offered by strobe and incandescent lights. Overcoming the cons of traditional lighting technology, usage of light bars LED has made emergency vehicles rely upon LED technology.

While traveling daily in your vehicle you are bound to stop at every signal but emergency vehicles need not follow such rules. Waiting till the red traffic light turns green causes a delay in the emergency vehicle. If an ambulance does not reach the destination on time, then some one’s life may be at risk. When a building is on fire, a fire truck needs to reach the accident spot on time and a police car needs to get hold of a suspect before he escapes. For reasons such as these, emergency vehicles need not stop at a red traffic signal. Other vehicle users are bound to make way when they see the light bars LED installed in the emergency vehicles.

No other traditional visual warning devices can be as effective as light bars LED. Exceeding the speed limits on roads, especially during peak hours is a threat to your lives. It’s imperative to obey the traffic laws that are in place so that we are at safety. Police cars, ambulances and fire trucks can exceed the speed limit on roads, as they need to respond to emergencies without any delay. Time is an essence when it comes to responding to emergencies and warning lights such as light bars LED facilitate the vehicles to reach on time. Advancement in LED technology is a great boon to police and fire engine departments.

Improvement in light bars LED takes place quite often in regards to size, flash patterns, design, variety and a lot more. The advancement in LED technology further enhances the demand for usage not only in emergency vehicles such as police cars, ambulances and fire trucks but also in tow trucks and construction site vehicles. The size of the light bars LED manufactured depends upon the type of vehicle in which it will be used. For instance, full size light bars can be used in two trucks and fire trucks whereas in police cars, mini light bars can be used. Although installing the warning device on top of the vehicle gives more visibility to other vehicle users, grille and dash lights can also be installed. Nowadays, the light bars that are designed are sleek as well as stylish.

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Post time: 11-27-2016