Pickup Truck Owners Agree Lights-Action-Drive!

The most obvious answer is for better visibility. Today’s manufacturers are installing standard LED taillights and turn signal lights, but not headlights.  Some truck owners use their vehicles for off road activities where factory head lamps don’t provide adequate lighting for areas with thick trees and no street lights. That is where a light bar on the cab roof or on a headache or light support rack would come into play by providing more brilliant lighting for off road use.

Another reason to add lights to your pickup truck would be for functionality. An example of this would be LED bed lighting to illuminate your truck bed that is covered either with a tonneau cover or a cap. Finding stored belongings in your covered truck bed after dark would be so much easier with lighting in that area. It makes total sense to add lights to an indoor closet for better visibility, so why not your truck bed?  Lighting up otherwise dark spaces within your truck will save you from searching for things with just a flashlight.  

Taillights are often not seen in time by distracted drivers for appropriate stopping, causing thousands of rear-end accidents. Many truck owners add an LED tailgate bar that works with their brake, turn signals and backup lights. This helps drivers behind them at night to stop in time at traffic lights, or in the event of sudden stops by the driver of the truck. This is especially true for darker colored trucks at night. Having these types of lights also assists the driver with better vision when backing up. One might consider add-on lights as a preventative safety feature. Often times, a truck owner may need roof lights for emergency situations such as volunteer firefighters, for snow plowing or EMT, either medical or maintenance personnel using their own vehicle to quickly get to the scene of an emergency.

Federal Law requires marker lights on any motor vehicle that has a wheel track in excess of 80″. That is why all dually pickups have clearance lights consisting of the five amber on the front roof, amber and red markers forward and aft on the rear axle, and three red markers on the rear of the vehicle. Manufactures offer the option of the five roof amber for single rear wheel 3/4 and 1 ton pickups. They are not required, even on 1 tons, unless they are dually, but some truck owners like the buff look and add their own clearance lights on the roof of their truck cabs to give it a  Big Rig appearance.

Pickup truck enthusiasts may add certain types of lights simply because they want a more customized effect with their truck, such as LED strobe lights, or headlight frames. There are kits for lights on your mud flaps and light kits for the grille of your truck.  These types of lights and kits are for an upgraded appearance reason enough for making your truck stand out for more personalization.

Ground Effect is another form of custom lighting that is used. Mostly in Urban area, and not always on pickups, it adds an interesting and unique vehicle appearance. Illuminating the underside of the cam and bed assembly, highlighting the wheel wells or outlining the entire vehicle profile will surely give a one of a kind appearance to any vehicle. 

Adding a simple set of aftermarket  or OEM fog lamps will assist in inclement weather driving (fog, rain snow) because it adds illumination  low to the ground and eliminates light reflection at the driver view of the road.

Adding truck lights is easier than you may think. Most come with kits and easy installation instructions that most people can do themselves. Check out the options at truckworldaccessories.com and illuminate your ride today.

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Post time: 12-08-2016