New Low Energy Street Lighting

Southern Electrical Contracting have the contract to maintain and upgrade street lighting in most parts of the UK it seems, at the moment they are replacing or retro fitting street lights for new Low Energy types and not only that they are no longer independant with a photocell on top, but have been replaced by a radio controlled system Wi-Mac this means that all the street lights in an area up to 250 can be switched on by one node ( main controller with photocell which can be controlled by a GPRS signal for switching patterns or dimming facilities over night reducing costs to your council.
These new low energy lamps made by Philips are smaller in size , are controlled by electronic control gear instead of ballasts or transformersand burn much brighter for the slight increase in wattage and can now be dimmed and monitored by local authorities for failure and efficiency.

Post time: 12-20-2016