Master the 4 C’s of Diamonds: Lower, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight

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Lower…A diamond’s lower is not only about its form, but how efficiently the stone can return mild again to the viewer’s eye. A effectively-lower diamond will surface really outstanding and fiery though much more poorly lower stones can surface dark and lifeless, regardless of color or clarity.

Color…When shopping for a diamond, it is normally preferred to have the least quantity of color doable. Diamond color is divided into five broad categories:

Colorless: Diamonds inside the colorless assortment are the most unusual and precious of all the hues. color stones display virtually no color, while colored diamonds will display a just about undetected quantity of color when considered deal with down by a gemologist.

Around Colorless: Diamonds inside the in the vicinity of colorless assortment surface colorless in the deal with up posture, but do display a slight quantity of color when considered deal with down from a beautifully white qualifications. This trace quantity of color will be undetectable to an untrained eye as soon as the diamond has been mounted. Around colorless diamonds present a incredible value for the revenue.

Being familiar with Fluorescence – How does it influence a diamond?

Some diamonds can display a seen mild named fluorescence when uncovered to an ultraviolet mild source. This fluorescence will be calculated as inert, faint, medium or potent. Blue fluorescence is most prevalent, nevertheless diamonds can also fluoresce white, yellow, and orange (among the other hues). Fluorescence generally has no influence on a diamonds look in regular mild conditions. Potent blue fluorescence can make a yellow colored diamond surface much more white, but in unusual instances can cause a stone to surface milky or oily. This milky or oily influence is named an “above blue” and only applies to a little quantity of “potent” and “really potent” fluorescent stones.

Which Color need to you Opt for?

Most people uncover it really challenging (if not extremely hard) to tell the variation from one particular color quality to a different. The variation in price tag, nevertheless, can be major.Having said that, you can uncover a incredible value though even now achieving a “colorless” look. Browsing on a price range or trying to increase the size of your stone? If so then “J” diamonds are most economical and even now in the vicinity of colorless. You may well also want to contemplate picking a diamond with medium or potent fluorescence. Since these diamonds are discounted a bit in price tag you can typically afford to pay for a larger color stone without having shelling out the high quality.


In 1998, the United Nations (UN) placed Angola underneath sanctions forbidding countries from buying diamonds from them. This was the initially resolution of the UN which specially described diamonds in the context of funding war. Experiences believed that as significantly as 20% of full generation in the 1990s ended up getting sold for illicit reasons, and fifteen% ended up specially conflict in nature.By 1999, the illicit diamond trade was believed by the Planet Diamond Council to have been minimized to 3.06% of the world’s diamond generation.The Planet Diamond Council documented that by 2004 this proportion experienced fallen to about 1%.

Angola is a previous colony of Portugal and received independence in 1975. Whilst unbiased, the nation observed civil war amongst the Common Motion for the Liberation of Angola (PMLA) faction, and the Nationwide Union for the Complete Independence of Angola (UNITA) faction. Throughout this war, diamonds ended up traded by rebel teams to fund their war. The UN acknowledged the purpose that diamonds performed in funding the UNITA rebels, and in 1998 banned countries from buying diamonds from Angola. Currently Angola’s civil war has ended and the nation is now a respectable element of the diamond trade.

Sierra Leone

In July 1999, adhering to above 8 decades of civil conflict, negotiations amongst the Federal government of Sierra Leone and the Revolutionary United Front led to the signing of the Lome Peace Agreement underneath which the parties agreed to the cessation of hostilities, disarmament of all combatants and the formation of a governing administration of countrywide unity. The United Nations and the Economic Group of West African States (ECOWAS) assisted facilitate the negotiations. In resolution 1270 of October 22, 1999, the Protection Council founded the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) to aid produce the conditions in which the parties could employ the Agreement. Subsequently, the quantity of personnel ended up improved and jobs to be carried out by UNAMSIL modified by the Council in resolutions 1289 of February 8, 2000 and 1299 of May well 19, 2000, making UNAMSIL the next major peacekeeping power currently deployed by the United Nations (the major this sort of contingent is in the Congo.

Adhering to international concern at the purpose performed by the illicit diamond trade in fueling conflict in Sierra Leone, the Protection Council adopted resolution 1306 on July five, 2000 imposing a ban on the immediate or indirect import of tough diamonds from Sierra Leone not controlled by the Federal government of Sierra Leone by means of a Certification of Origin routine. An arms embargo and selective vacation ban on non-governmental forces ended up currently in influence underneath resolution 1171 of June five, 1998.

On July 31, 2000 and August 1, 2000, Ambassador Anwarul Karim Chowdhury, Chairman of the Protection Council Committee founded pursuant to resolution 1132 (1997) regarding Sierra Leone, presided above the initially at any time exploratory community listening to by the Protection Council in New York. The listening to was attended by associates of intrigued Member States, regional businesses, non-governmental businesses, the diamond field and other appropriate authorities. The listening to uncovered the website link amongst the trade in illicit Sierra Leone diamonds and trade in arms and linked product. The methods and signifies for acquiring a sustainable and effectively-regulated diamond field in Sierra Leone ended up also talked over.

As named for by resolution 1306 of July five, 2000, the Secretary-Common, on August 2, 2000, founded a Panel of Experts, to obtain details on doable violations of the arms embargo and the website link amongst trade in diamonds and trade in arms and linked product, contemplate the adequacy of air website traffic manage programs in the West African location for the goal of detecting flights suspected of contravening the arms embargo, and report to the Council with observations and suggestions on methods of strengthening the arms and diamonds embargoes no later than October 3, 2000. The Chairman of the Panel was Martin Chungong Ayafor (Cameroon). The other users ended up Atabou Bodian (Senegal), Johan Peleman (Belgium), Harjit Singh Sandhu (India) and Ian Smillie (Canada). The Panel submitted its report to the Protection Council on December 19, 2000. On January 25, 2001 the Protection Council, at its 4264th meeting, considered the report of the panel of authorities.

Diamond revenues in Sierra Leone have improved much more than tenfold considering that the conclusion of the conflict, from $10 million in 2000 to about $one hundred thirty million in 2004,even though from 1989 to 2003 Liberia was engaged in a civil war. In 2000, the UN accused Liberian president Charles G. Taylor of supporting the RUF insurgency in Sierra Leone with weapons and teaching in trade for diamonds. In 2001 the UN utilized sanctions on the Liberian diamond trade. In August 2003 Taylor stepped down as president, and soon after getting exiled to Nigeria, now faces trial in the Hague. On July 21, 2006 he pleaded not guilty of crimes from humanity and war crimes.

Liberia now is at peace and is attempting to assemble a respectable diamond mining field. The UN has lifted sanctions and Liberia is now a member of the Kimberley process.

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