LED Strip Lights – How to cut, connect & power 4.8w White LED Tape

Welcome to this InStyle LED video on the 4.8w White LED Tape. An overview on the product showing how to cut, how to install, how to solder and how bright the LED strip lights are. For more information on this product http://www.instyleled.co.uk/5-watt-white-led-tape/

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In the video we look to answer the following questions:

Q: What does the LED Strip look like? How big is it? Does it come on a reel?
A: We show the LED strip with a clear close up on a reel

Q: How many LEDs per metre? What SMD is used?
A: There is 60 3528 SMD’s per metre using a branded Epistar SMD

Q: How many Lumens per metre?
A: The warm white is up to 330 lumens and the pure white is up to 360 lumens per metre

Q: What Kelvin is the warm white available in?
A: The warm white is available in 2700k, 2800k, 3000k, 3200k

Q: Do you offer daylight white?
A: Yes we offer 4000k white

Q: What kelvin is the cool white?
A: The cool white is available in 5000k, 5500k, 6000k and 6500k

Q: How do you install the LED Tape?
A: You can fix it into place using the 3m self adhesive backing tape

Q: How do you cut it? What are the cut points? Can you cut using a pair of scissors?
A: The cut points for this type are every 50mm. You can cut at the points using a pair of scissors

Q: How do you power it? How do you connect to a transformer?
A: You power by using a 12v transformer. This strip uses 4.8w per metre so you can work out what size transformer you need by multiplying the amount of metres you are using by the wattage to work out your total wattage.
You can connect the strip to a transformer using a connector block and extend the 2 core cable as required to have the LED transformer at a distance away from the start of the LED run

Q: How do you connect 2 pieces together? How do you connect without soldering?
A: You can connect 2 pieces together using our solder less tape to tape connectors

Q: How do you connect to a transformer without soldering?
A: You can connect using our solder less tape to cable connector

Q: Can you order pre cut lengths so the LED strip kit is all ready to go?
A: Yes InStyle can cut and solder to specific lengths even soldering in linking cables to go around corners

Q: Can you solder yourself?
A: Yes if you are capable of soldering then it will be easy. There are clear coppers older pads for you to solder either the strips together or to solder on cables as required

Q: Is it waterproof? What is the difference between IP65 and IP67?
A: Yes we offer a fully waterproof type ideal for internal and external use such as bathrooms etc.
IP65 means water resistant to splash proof level.
IP67 means water resistant to external level were consistent contact with water is likely

Q: Where can it be used?
A: Almost anywhere as it is so small and flexible. It is high quality and is ideal to be used in applications such as bars, restaurants, hotels, homes, externally, kitchens, bathrooms, clubs and more.

Q: What is the difference between eBay’s and Amazon’s range compared to your range?
A: Our range is high quality, commercial grade using premium components and built to last.
There quality can vary in quality depending on suppliers. Most supply low quality, using cheaper LEDs and low quality components that will not be as bright and reliable as high quality

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Post time: 11-27-2017