LED Floodlight growing – 140W floodlight/ 100W at the wall PT.7

140W warm white floodlights – available for $15 each on eBay

Cloth grow bag – $2 on Amazon

60 degree 100W COB lens glued to COB – $8 on amazon

This 103W fixture produces 12-14,000 lumens, and produces light within a tight 2.5′x2.5′ footprint at this height. With the help of the 60 degree lenses there is hardly any light leak in an open environment. With these specs, it beats a spectrum king closet case, or mother’s little helper at 9000 lumens, at the same wattage and a fraction of the price.

Grandpa Larry OG – using Soma’s raised bed planting method/ Day 45 of flower – and looking frosty!

Drawback to growing in an open environment: cats! My cats have been nibling on them lol. A few mites here and there have tried as well.

Lesson learned:
-Keep the light especially far away to begin, far away most of the time (2-4′)
-The 60 degree lenses would not be necessary, as it can cause more burning. I’ve found it’s good if you have high ceilings and want a tall plant (8 ft or so) and just one plant growing into a column of light.

More videos to come.

Post time: 12-20-2017