In-Line Refractometers

In-Line refractometers are created to observe and command the concentration of dissolved solids or drinking water soluble liquids in your approach traces.  These instruments can be incorporated in piping of production plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing apparatuses to continuously evaluate the concentration of numerous liquids. In-Line refractometers are appropriate for use in the command of mixing, concentration, fermentation, and command of the concentration of drinking water-primarily based or alkali-primarily based detergent, etcetera.

The light-weight from an LED source is transmitted by a fiber optic onto just one side of a measuring prism and internally mirrored to the interface of the prism and the sample liquid.  A portion of this light-weight beam is mirrored back again onto the opposite side of the prism at an angle which is dependent on the refractive index of the liquid at the interface.  The placement of this mirrored beam, as it exits the prism, improvements with the angle of reflection (which is dependent on the refractive index of the sample).  A linear diode array is utilised to precisely detect the different placement of the mirrored beam, and this placement is calibrated with respect to refractive index. As there are no going pieces with in-line refractometers, only precise optical and electronic aspects, the calibration is pretty stable, repeatable and precise.

To link the in-line refractometer to your process you only attach the device to a piping process to observe foodstuff or beverage production, pharmaceutical production, industrial fluid, washing devices, dilution/mixing devices, etcetera.  The in-line refractometer will continuously observe drinking water information and mixing ratio with successive measurements of refractive index, Brix, or concentration.

The ATAGO Model PRM-100α In-Line Refractometer is just these kinds of an instrument.  It can give the next:
• Huge assortment . to a hundred.00% Brix assortment
• Enhanced measurement accuracy: Brix ±0.05%, nD ±0.00010
• Two selections for placing the minimum indication decimal spot
• Uncomplicated two-piece construction: detection segment and operation display screen segment
• Simple-to-browse coloration display screen panel.

Post time: 11-20-2016