Idiot's Guide to 2012 Doomsday Prophecy Preparations by J.E. Ante

Suppose the dozen or more major prophecy traditions are wrong and the Sun does not get brighter for a time and causes massive solar flares that knockout the electric power systems and communication for 5-7 years. Suppose the US and the World do not go into 19th century living conditions and millions die from starvation, from drought, from civil disruption, and weaken immune function from diseases. Then you have nothing to worry about and plan for in the future but your early retirement and the good life.

I admit I am one who is alarmed by the similarity of the dozen or so major prophecy traditions that predict massive solar flares, drought, wars, and famine in December 2012 and an end of an Age on Earth but I do not think this is the end of mankind.

What is most troubling to me is that the preparations I make for this fateful date is exactly the preparations any environmentally friendly person would make to become carbon neutral and self-sufficient in their lifestyle.

I have planted 120 dwarf seedling fruit, nut, and berry trees on 1/3 acre (instead of pretty ornamental trees and bushes) to grow my own food. I seek to have my own compost toilet (Swedish) and reuse the compost in my garden. I have the $150.00 parts to drive my own water well 20-30ft down to water my garden and for home water use. I have several hundred dollars of foam materials to super insulate my dwelling to save on gas heat in winter. I use fans and cross ventilation for cooling and also recirculate my cool basement air to the upper floors. I am an organic gardener and strongly against the extensive illegal experimenting of genetically engineered foods (Frankenstein foods) on the American public food supply. I have all CFS bulbs and a few LED light bulbs in my dwelling and save most of their cost every 9-10 months. And that is just for starters.

The most troubling thing is that all these things save me money, improve my health, and make me more self-sufficient. And I do not mean peanut money saved but thousands of dollars. One small dwarf apple, peach, pear, cherry tree can provide two or more bushels of apples, apple butter, apples crisps, dried apples, and piece of mind. Or about a 500% return every year for the next 30 years. One CFS bulb can give 100% return every nine months for 5-7yrs plus uses 75% less electricity all the time. (Hint: Pay a little more and get the full spectrum daylight bulbs instead of the regular CFS that have yellowish light.)

I get free wood chips from the tree trimming people and I have very little grass left to cut in my yard because of all the wood chip paths. I use a non-gas push mower which takes 30-45minutes to cut the lawn. And the push mower is surprisingly no more hard to push than my regular gasoline mower. (Gasoline lawnmowers are a major source of both noise and air pollution everywhere. They cost 2-3 times as much as a non-powered push lawnmower to buy, operate and repair.)

Sadly, when December 2012 rolls around I will have little to transform in my life and my environment. Much of the world now lives in a near 19th century existence. It is the developed nations which will be hardest hit to make a change to a 19th century standard of living when the electricity goes out. But I suspect famine will claim a third of the world’s populations when the power goes out. The only way to avoid these 2 billion deaths from starvation is to end the growing and feeding of grains for livestock food. The large grain producing nations will be forced to choose between letting 2 billion people in the world die of starvation or continue feeding the grains to livestock to make meat for the wealthy nations. Each of these 2 billion peoples saved represents each a lifetime of earnings, buildings, and progress of about 50 years each. So these 2 billion peoples represent 100 billion man years of world economic labor and progress of mankind. If they are allowed to die then a third of our generation’s lifetime earnings, potential, and progress will die with them. Not to mention the moral shame of watching 2 billion people die slowly and needlessly while they could be saved. People or a continued diet of animal husbandry products for the wealthy nations it seems an easy choice.

We learned during WWII that eating less or no meat was actually good for people’s health. And from the environmental viewpoint eating meat is far more damaging to the environment than eating a soup and salad. But I do not know if the people in power will make that choice to save the 2 billion poorest people in the world from starvation. Cattle, pigs, and factory chickens vs. 2 billion fellow human souls. (Surprising dog and cat food is mostly made up of oats and cornmeal mixed with meat flavors so most dogs and cats might be saved from the slaughterhouse and continue to live on the grain mixed dry dog and cat foods.)

Much of the chemical fertilizers will not be available after 2012 but locally grown gardens will flourish. And organic fertilizers will be used again. One excellent fertilizer is totally wasted– human urine. Urine is almost completely sterile except for people who are ill. And this urine when mixed with six parts water is an excellent Miracle Grow fertilizer. Use it to fertilize all fruit, nut, and berry trees and as a side dressing in vegetable gardens — but not directly on the plants. Then all that expensive urine from your vitamin capsules can be recycled into some really healthy plants and foodstuffs.

The biggest threat to mankind may not be the Sun in 2012 but rather mankind’s misguided use of genetically engineered foods before any testing of these foods has been made. Now a handfull of major companies have been experimenting on all of us by using genetically engineered food for many years now.

Hawaii was initially used to grow these foods because it was thousands of miles from the mainland and possible contamination of the USA main growing areas. But now genetically engineered foods are grown everywhere in the US. They cross pollinate and contaminate regular crops with impunity and will totally destroy organic farms with contamination within the next few years. These genetically engineered crops can not be contained and are contaminating the regular food supply which grows along side them and also many mile downwind of them.

Genetically engineered foods are in over 70% of all of our foods in the supermarket and are known to lower immunity in humans which may be the least of their harm. Yet these major companies continue to market them as safe yet they fund little or no testing on them to back up their claims. Their legal efforts continue to defend their right to contaminate regular crops with complete impunity or consequences. And this grand little known experiment of contamination of the human food supply will only become known in a 20-30 years when it will be too late to reverse it.

We have met the enemy and it is us — in the form of companies that buy genetically engineered grains for foods like Kraft Foods, Nestles, General Mills, Kellogg, H. J. Heinz, Pepsi Co, Coca Cola, Con Agra, Campbell Soup, Sara Lee, Hershey, Hormel, Unileverk Dean Foods, Flower Foods, and a whole lot more.

So as one of the major organizers of the original Earth Day in 1970 this is my new project and major cause for concern in 2009. Not 2012 and solar flares and 19th century living to come which might be fun for awhile. But rather the mass poisoning and experimenting on an unknowing world population on a grand scale by a few misguided companies for massive profits.

Genetic engineered foods should stay in the laboratory where they belong for the next 100 years until we better understand them and their effects on the environment and upon humans. The regular breeding and upgrading of hybrid grains and plants is a tried and true way to upgrade plant materials which is what nature uses to evolve and which we should continue to use instead of genetically engineered plants.

Companies who develop genetically engineered plants that contaminate neighboring cropland should be shutdown completely until they show they can contain their plant materials — which they can not. Massive fines and government bans on genetic engineered plant materials must be started now to end this mass unwise experiment on the people of the world by a few companies for profits. And then maybe I will sleep better at night. — J.E. Ante

Post time: 12-13-2016