How to backlight onyx in 8 easy steps with LED Light Panels

Contrary to popular belief illuminating an onyx countertop is not that difficult. Have a look at this video showing a simple yet effective method of backlighting onyx.

This is only one of the methods that we have developed to ensure that all backlit countertops are bright and evenly illuminated , if you are looking to light any of the following surface materials be sure to contact us:

Translucent Concrete
Translucent Wood
White Marble etc

6 main reasons to our product:
• Trusted by top end clients including The Trump Organization and Dennis Washington as well as McCarran, Los Angeles and Vancouver International Airports
• Products tried, tested and installed in the North American market for 8 years
• Virtually any shape and size -Fully customizable
• Ultra-Thin Cut voids where needed (sinks, taps etc.)
• Virtually no maintenance over the life of the LED Light panel
• No UV and virtually no heat (perfect for light and heat sensitive exhibits and displays

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See what can be achieved when backlighting onyx using our custom lighting solutions:

I have developed multiple integration methods for backlighting stone applications and with 8 years experience as a custom lighting integration specialist we will make sure that your project is bright, evenly illuminated and long lasting

We would love to provide a quote for your project so if you have any drawings or conceptual sketches or images we can review them and make suggestions as to the best and most cost effective solution for your application


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Post time: 12-10-2017