Galaxy-Pro High Performance Rechargeable LED Floodlight

The new Galaxy-Pro has been designed using the toughest composite materials for use in industrial applications such as construction, railway maintenance and in environments where it is essential to have a robust maintenance free product.

Utilising the very latest LED technology the Galaxy-Pro produces a very impressive 3500 Lumen output (equivalent to a 300W Halogen light) and gives a wide floodlight beam in excess of 30 metres.
Offering two light settings it will operate for 4 hours on full power and 8 hours on half power from a single charge of its powerful lightweight Li-ion battery. In fact the whole product only weighs 1.5kg.

It has high visibility, reflective, non-trip feet and a neat storage compartment in which to store the charger.

There are 3 optional accessories:
1.7m Tripod – for elevated lighting.
Magnetic feet – so it can easily attach to vehicles and metal structures.
Vehicle Charger – to enable charging on the go.

Post time: 12-19-2017