FELLONI LED Lights Panels

The Fellonis, our multi-LED panel lights supply various, quite distinctive strengths.
One is that they give noticeably improved coloration rendition than several of the identical hunting lights. A different gain may well be observed in the simple fact that we have 35% much more mild than orther LED panels on the market.

If we want to mild with LED lights, there is one variation in which you can use three multi-LED panel lights and use 2 of them with a 30° angle as a key mild and fill mild.
Then we have a 3rd one where by we can use an LED panel with a narrower angle of exit, like 15°, and to make sure that this will not disturb the digital camera we can use a grid or a louver or a honeycomb in front of it to make sure that no mild hits the lens since we would like to location the backlight where by it shines much more or much less towards the route of the digital camera.


Post time: 11-20-2016