Emergency Light For All Types Of People And Uses

Perhaps the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of an emergency light is that flash on police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles. These types of lights serve a very important function. They warn the public on the roadways, as well as pedestrians, that an emergency situation is taking place, that the vehicle will be traveling at high speeds and disobeying regular traffic laws and that all vehicles on the road should stay clear. In essence, a vehicle emergency light acts to ensure the safety of the public as well as those inside of the particular vehicle.

There are other types of an emergency light than just those that inside and/or on top of emergency and law enforcement vehicles. There are portable lights that attach onto such things as life jackets. These lights are easily turned on by simply pulling a string, which make it perfect when the wearer has gloves on. The emergency light assists rescue workers who need a good amount of visibility while attempting rescue efforts dark and wet conditions. As such, such lights are typically waterproof, resistant to corrosion and also can withstand extremes in temperature. They also can last for 8 continuous hours and emit light as far as two miles.

Another type of emergency light is a laser flare that is a type of strobe light. This laser flare can provide a signal of up to about 20 miles. It can also last for 72 continuous hours. These are also waterproof and withstand rugged conditions, as these laser flares are specifically designed for outdoors use as well as out at sea. Even though the laser flare type of emergency light is typically used at night, it also works in the daylight, but at shorter distances. One of the best aspects of the laser flare is that it is usually rather small such that you can easily fit it into your survival kit or in your life jacket.

For those people who are not in the law enforcement or emergency rescue fields, there are many other types of an emergency light that is important to keep on hand as well. First, every home must have at least one operational light, such as a flashlight, in the event you experience a power failure. It is important to keep fresh batteries in your flashlights and always keep your light in specially designated locations throughout the home so when the lights go out, you don’t have to scramble around to find a light. Furthermore, your emergency light can also act as a weapon in case someone has broken into your house and you need to defend yourself.

Your emergency light can also be a glow stick that contains chemical in it that, when activated, will continue to emit light for about 12 hours. There is also a chargeable light that sits in a cradle, like your cordless phone, and charges using your power supply. When the power goes out, this light automatically turns on. It will also light up if it is removed from its charging base and then turn back off when put back on its base. Some such chargeable emergency light can even contain a strobe-type feature.

If you have a dog that needs to be walked at night after dark, there is yet another type of emergency light that is perfect for you. You can purchase a special light that contains LED lights that are extremely bright. This light can be attached onto your dog’s leash, which will light the way for your nighttime walk. This may also fend off would-be attackers who would rather stick with those dog walkers who cannot be easily seen by others. Best of all, these lights can be removed when you do not need to use them, such as on your daytime walks. These are just some of the many emergency light products on the market today. Whatever your need or role, having some emergency lights on hand for times of trouble is always wisest.

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Post time: 12-04-2016