EKTA LED street luminaires

EKTA offers high-performance LED lighting equipment for nationwide, citywide and local streets and highways. Luminaires by EKTA are protected from adverse external influences and operate over a wide temperature range.

EKTA is a specialized technology company that manufactures LED-Wall Professional Video Displays – outdoor and indoor LED display systems that deliver outstanding video and graphics performances. LED screen solutions design for a variety of markets including DOOH media, branding, sports and events, television, corporate AV, leisure and entertainment, traffic and transportation. We produce LED display systems in a wide range of formats.
Also we manufacture LED floors – interactive LED floor that allows displaying various visual effects on its video surface depending on the presence and movement of objects on it.
Another LED light solution from EKTA is EKTA LED strips. LED strips are multi-purpose tool for building semi-transparent video displays of all sizes and forms, designed for use in show business, television, outdoor advertising and in the entertainment industry.
We also developed a revolutionary new video controller (ERMAC/SPU-005) which introduced new levels of control for screens with the highest resolution and increased contrast.
With more than twenty years in business, EKTA has successfully delivered hundreds of LED display installation projects for private and public use in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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Post time: 12-22-2016