Disassembly Ikea Smart LED FLOALT 60x60cm square LED panel PART 2

Woooooww! I was so amazed by this beauty made by IKEA. So I could not resist buying one and opening the LED panel too see how it is made inside. What did they use for LED’s?? How many LED’s are fitted inside? In this video I try to show every detail of this amazing light.

Specs from IKEA:

Default luminous flux: 2800 lm
Default colour temperature: 2700 K
Width: 60 cm
Height: 60 cm
Thickness: 4 cm
Power: 34 W

You can use TRÅDFRI remote to control up to 10 LED light panels, LED light bulbs or LED light doors which will react in the same way – dim, switch off, turn on, and switch from warm to cold light in 3 steps.

Post time: 12-15-2017