Colour Altering Star Umbrella!


Uncover Me A Reward shelters you from the rain in type with a Technicolor light exhibit. is an on the net present organization based in the Midlands. They inventory a vast assortment of gifts, devices and present experience deals, specialising in the uncommon!

The Double Sided Colour Altering Umbrella is a substantial, computerized pop up umbrella (approx 90cm in size). With a very simple click of a button situated on the deal with, you can switch your soaked grey sky into a colourful spectacle.

This Double Sided Twilight Star Umbrella takes advantage of LED Fibre optics to display screen a amazing light exhibit on the two sides of the umbrella which stage as a result of a spectrum of vivid and beautiful colours. This colour altering umbrella necessitates three AAA batteries. Stand out in the crowd and let everyone admire and be in awe of your fantastic colourful twinkling umbrella – and at the similar time convey you the magic of the night time time stars, to about a foot higher than your head.

Not numerous of us appreciate being out in the rain, it can be dreary and depressing. Very well no more, with this incredible colour altering umbrella. Not only is it wholly water-proof, it will certainly cheer you and everyone else all-around you up on a soaked and boring day. It will have you praying for rain and undertaking rain dances, just so you can skip and dance as a result of the showers and puddles, proudly displaying off your new and stunning umbrella.

They are great for songs festivals. Even though its summer months, as quickly as the bands get to the stage, it is not only the crowds that commence to gather, the clouds do too. Let us encounter it Glastonbury just isn’t the similar with out a mud pit, is it? You view it on Tv and see some of the crowd sporting people pathetic ponchos, although the relaxation just search like drowned rats! Very well rock out in type, and be guaranteed to stand out and get seen in the mosh pit with your Double Sided Colour Altering Umbrella. Your buddies definitely is not going to drop sight of you.

Especially if you get your most effective songs buddy the Light Up Umbrella – Excalibur! With a name like that you know this is not just any normal umbrella either. It is a plain black umbrella, but this is the amazing component, it has a light up shaft and idea, generally a genius cross among a light sabre and an umbrella!

Certainly you can really sense the drive with this one particular. And like the Double Sided Umbrella it too runs off batteries and is entirely water-proof. Absolutely everyone will be so jealous of your umbrellas of illumination, specially in comparison to their small glow sticks!

Best and sublime for parading down the avenue with, to stand out from pageant crowds, and for social gatherings in common. One more choice could be for use as props for a college or local community play, how stunning would Mary Poppins search, floating down with one particular of these umbrellas eh?

Increase a little bit of glam to your productions, essentially to your daily life in common brighten up any cloudy drizzly day with the Double Sided Colour Altering or Excalibur Umbrellas, and they will absolutely have you singing in the rain!

Uncover Me a Reward provides anything on the net with out the require for people to commit revenue on petrol, parking and inflated rates. With unique provides and cost-free shipping and delivery with orders more than 100, this on the net keep has anything from affordable novelty items to luxury activities. Uncover Me a Reward is one particular of the UK’s top on the net present suppliers (rated in the Leading 10 by Hitwise). Founded in June 2000, the organization specialises in a vast assortment of devices, activities, toys and personalised gifts with globally delivery.

Post time: 11-10-2016