Christmas Tree Lighting Tips

A Christmas tree is often considered one of the most easily recognizable symbols of the holidays. It is the centerpiece of the room; the focal point for the family during many of the activities. As such, having a very nice, well designed Christmas tree is something that is enjoyed by the whole family.

There’s no reason why you can’t recreate that vision in your own home this Christmas. An eye catching Christmas tree isn’t hard to achieve, as long as you put a bit of time and effort into it. In fact, decorating the Christmas tree is the perfect way to spend time as a family in the run-up to Christmas festivities.

Having a healthy, green tree is essential so your Christmas tree will last throughout all the holiday activities. Always be sure to cut the tree stump before placing it in a tree stand with lots of fresh water. Artificial trees will need ‘fluffing up’ before decorating. You can easily do this by pulling out the branches and ruffling the needles. It is best to have your tree arranged how you want it before adding decorations. This avoids having ornaments drop or bulbs breaking while you mov things around.

LED fairy lights are available in many different colors, including multi-colored. Traditionally, many people choose red, silver or gold color schemes for tree design. However, it is really up to personal choice. However, plain, white lights are ideal for use with any color decorations and therefore the most practical choice. When reusing old Christmas lights, check that all the bulbs work before putting them on the tree. Be sure to replace any broken lights with new bulbs.

Once you know your lights are in good working order, you’re ready to put lights on a Christmas tree. Depending on the size and shape of your tree, you may choose to start dressing the tree from the top or the bottom. If you’re only using one string of lights, begin from the top and work your way down. As real Christmas trees tend to be larger than artificial ones, you will need more lights to decorate these well. For a completely lit up tree, you should have 100 lights for every foot of height.

often, adding an extension cord will help you have enough length to be able to add lights to your whole tree. Attach a green extension cable to the trunk of the tree using twine. This will allow you to plug all your different strands of Christmas lights in to an extension controlled by a single switch. Remember that depth is just as important as height. Start in the middle of the tree, working your way out.

To create a truly spectacular tree, take care to wind your lights around the branches. Get right into the middle of your tree to really light it up. When adding lights around your tree, keep the lights spaced evenly. Remember to step back frequently to check how it looks. Switch the lights on for this, if they weren’t on already, as it will make it easy to see how evenly the lights are spread. It’s much easier to alter the arrangement of the lights as you go, rather than have to unravel what you have done to fix a section of the tree you’ve missed.

As you arrange the Christmas lights on the tree, take care to make sure the wire doesn’t show. Avoid this by not stretching the lights, but wrapping them. The end result will be worth the extra time spent on perfecting the tree.

Of course, a Christmas tree with just lights looks unfinished. Always put the lights on first. Once these are done, you can add garlands and ornaments to whatever style suits your taste. Don’t feel you have to stick to traditional colors or icons. With careful thought and color coordination, just about anything can be pulled off these days. Why not have a white artificial tree with pink and silver decorations? Or try using gold, spray painted pine cones to a dark green tree to add a bit of home made glamor?

Your Christmas tree should reflect your individual style, as well as complement the room around it. Involve the whole family in decorating the tree. You can always go back and rearrange the ornaments slightly when the kids are in bed. Many people use decorating the Christmas tree as a way to officially begin the holidays. This is a time to spend time with family and friends trimming the tree. Encourage your kids to be creative and most of all, have fun yourself!

To achieve the idealistic Christmas tree, remember the basic rules. Use plenty of lights, arrange them evenly over the height and the depth of the tree and wind rather than drape. If you want even more sparkle, purchase lights with motion settings. Choose to have your lights fade in and out, chase each other or simply sparkle. Finally, remember to sit back and admire all your hard work. After all, it’s only Christmas once a year.

Post time: 12-06-2016