Best Brands Of Nail Drill

Are you in the market for an electric nail drill, but unsure as to which brand is the best bang for your buck? Look no further. Although the market for these nail drills is vast, there are some great options out there.

Among the best brands of electric nail drills, is KUPA Incorporated. Although VERY pricy, KUPA puts out the best quality nail drills. Not to mention, there is a lifetime warranty should anything occur. This is very rare with this product as it is made so well, however. KUPA should be trusted, as they have led the industry by producing the best sanding bands, electric nail drills, and carbide bits that money can buy. The only complaint that many have with this company, is that the nail drills are a bit loud. However, they are top quality.

Another company that puts out top quality electric nail drills, is Glaz’er. The best thing about Glaz’er nail drills, is their ease of use and incredibly light weight. Weighing about half a pound (5.3 ounces), these nail drills are constructed with the most durable stainless steel. With sealed bearings, these nail drills are both smooth and quiet. A much cheaper than Kupa pieces (nearly half the price), this is another good choice for somebody in the market for an electric nail drill. With speeds up to about 30,000 RPM, Glaz’er should be at the top of the list for consumers.

A third and final company that specializes in electric nail drills, is Mani-Pro. Middle of the road in terms of pricing, Mani-Pro’s electric nail drill is only 3×5 in size, making it easy to transport virtually anywhere. You can put it in a purse and not worry about a giant bulge being created. Going up to 25,000 RPM, this is another great pick for consumers.

Clearly, you need to do your research if you’re about to throw down anywhere from $250-$450 on a product. Because electric nail drills are so expensive, you need to be sure about which one you want. The three companies mentioned in this piece are the best of the best, so be sure to choose the right one.

Post time: 12-13-2016