Auraglow 50cm Tv LED Strip

This LED strip from Auraglow plugs into the USB port of your Tv and projects a pleasant even colored light-weight on to the wall at the rear of.

I incorrectly said in the movie that it’s about 30 cm. It truly is essentially 50cm prolonged and features 15 LEDs. It features 21 lights modes, five velocity / brightness options and over 20 preset colours to opt for from.

The strip turns on instantly with your Tv and remembers the previous placing even when power is dropped.

Whilst it’s principally aimed for use at the rear of a Tv, you could practically use it any place you have a USB port. For example below your desk, at your mattress, in your vehicle or even on the go with your USB power financial institution.

Of class you really don’t have to have to have them flashing or changing colour at all, you can decide on a manner which is simply just one particular single static colour.

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Post time: 11-24-2016