Ami Niv The Founder Of Aiki Krav Maga

About The Founder – Ami Niv

Ami Niv has immigrated to Israel with his loved ones from Caucus (at the time- element of the U.S.S R) when Ami was eight yrs old. These immigrants and primarily their little ones faced numerous difficulties settling in the region. As a youthful kid, Ami had to encounter stereotypes, racism, verbal and bodily abuse. The battle of escalating up below these disorders has served him develop into a mentally robust particular person and has taught Ami what are the ‘rules of the street’ when encountering verbal or bodily violence.

A short time soon after arriving to Israel, Ami started schooling in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu and when he turned 16 has learned Krav-Maga and in the final 10 yrs of Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of the Krav- Maga martial artwork Ami Niv was a person of the closest pupils.

Ami joined the IDF (Israeli protection forces) when he was 18 and served three yrs as a exercise and self-protection instructor. In his services he designed and carried out self-protection classes for woman soldiers as very well as hand to hand beat instruction for some of the IDF’s Distinctive Forces models, each unit to its unique requirements. Through the yrs and to this working day, Ami was concerned in numerous assignments (army and civil) designed to give options to security concerns. These applications, in which Ami instructs the hand to hand beat component bundled anti-terror protection of community transportation such as planes, trains and buses, protection of educational facilities, community and govt institutions which are susceptible to terror or felony activity. Ami is very well revered and deemed a person of the top rated professionals in this area.

Adhering to his army services and addition to his involvement in security assignments, Ami has opened his initially Krav-Maga college focusing primarily on the instruction of little ones. Through yrs of regularity and resolve Ami has develop into acknowledged for his ‘educational way’, which could be soon explained as rigid, intense and demanding during schooling and a fatherly figure off the mat, often ready to enable his pupils in all elements of existence. In addition, Ami has stored his possess enhancement and schooling in Krav-Maga becoming a very well acknowledged figure in the Krav- Maga martial artwork scene. During this time Ami has develop into nearer to Imi Lichtenfeld and would spend hrs with him in philosophical and professional discussions regarding the primary concepts of ‘street’ self-protection and he even got Emi blessing to set up a new martial artwork approach – “Aiki Krav Maga”
Through yrs of schooling Ami began feeling there is a missing component in the Krav-Maga martial artwork, a component emphasizing a lot more internal peace and harmony to counter the intense and harshness character of Krav- Maga. The solution to Ami’s quest was learned soon after collaborating in numerous martial artwork seminars in Europe, in the form of the Aikido martial artwork (a ‘soft’ martial artwork that flows with the force of an opponent’s assault and takes advantage of this force towards the aggressor) and started schooling below Edmond Karen (seventh diploma red white belt in Takemusu Iwama Ryu Aikido). Adhering to two yrs of extreme schooling in seminars and private classes from Edmond himself, Ami had gained his black belt in Aikido.

Adhering to Ami’s exposure to Aikido and ongoing seminars in Aikijitsu and Jiu-jitsu, he has started to form a new private tactic to martial arts. From a technical issue of watch this tactic combines components from the Krav- Maga, Aikido and Jiu-jitsu. From an academic standpoint he strived to pass down to his pupils the mixture of the resolve and aggressiveness standard to Krav- Maga with the peacefulness and harmony of Aikido. At a rather youthful age, Ami’s thoughts have led him to branch out of the Krav-Maga and form a new technique referred to as Aiki – Krav Maga.

Right now, Ami life in Israel with his wife and three little ones. He retains an Ms.c in sociology and sport administration and a graduate of martial arts coaching system from the Wingate institute in Israel (the Israeli nationwide sport institute). Ami is a seventh diploma red white belt in the Aiki – Krav Maga martial artwork federation and is internationally recognized as the founder of the Aiki – Krav Maga technique. Presently, he teaches Aiki – Krav Maga and Aikido to his black belts and Aikido pupils and appears to be like in excess of the instruction of the Aiki – Krav Maga branches, as very well as collaborating in nationwide and international seminars honorably symbolizing Aiki – Krav Maga and the condition of Israel.

Aiki – Krav Maga- Mission Statement At ‘Aiki – Krav Maga- Israeli Martial Arts Federation’ we teach and prepare pupils to counter verbal and bodily violence and enable reduce violence in our local community. Aiki – Krav Maga is a martial artwork approach aiming to prepare pupils in self-protection as a result of educating successful approaches to counter ‘street violence’ and raising types bodily and mental qualities. The Aiki – Krav Maga approach strives to reach a stability between educating our pupils values of respect for self and many others, kindness, helpfulness, loyalty and humility, with the capacity to counter bodily violence or an assault by responding rapid, successful and in a purposeful manner in buy to stop the violence with least bodily injuries.

Ami Niv’s 10 concepts

The major concepts of Ami, in producing Aiki Krav Maga (hand to hand beat) 

“During the nineties, soon after looking at numerous means in the martial artwork earth, and in light of the luck of internal peace of Israelis as a consequence of raising violence, I started to establish the “Aiki Krav Maga” approach. A approach that‘s attempting to take care of the violence circumstance in the local community, and convey to a lot more tranquil existence.

Values – tranquil – self protection – preventing skills – the artwork of preventing

one. ”the way of the scholar, during his schooling will start out in discovering excellent manners, and schooling to respect the other, so he can recognize the this means of ‘love your pal as yourself’”

two. ”My pupils will see the martial artwork as a way of existence, and a religious way to obtain peace internal peace, and as the capacity to cope with the boosting violence in our modern society.”

three. ”A scholar that stand in these requirements, and is consistent in his schooling will develop into at a certain issue, a ‘self protection weapon’ in the initially position, and an attacking weapon, but will not use the way he discovered for negative intentions, only for excellent types.”

four.  “Check out not to be drown to bodily violence when you attacked verbally, and when you are physically attacked, do your finest not to get hurt, and not hurt people today close to you.”

5. ”Assault and in the same time test to steer clear of other’s assaults. “

six. ”My ambition is that every single workout will be quick and uncomplicated to do, so the motorial sequence will be very similar to the natural actions of the overall body.”

seven. ”The ideal sequence to execute a perfect workout is not only to do assault and protection, but to get to a issue the place your enemy is neutralized on the floor and has no other alternative.”

8. ”In buy to illustrate the bodily and mental pressure, prompted by a violent assault in the road, the physical exercises will be carried out in distinct simulations that trigger pressure, in buy to reach to instinctive reaction, and not imagined procedure. “

nine. ”1 of the topics I train my state-of-the-art pupils, are preventing terror skills, such as dealing with circumstance of  weapon threatens (like: pistol, rifle, grenade, gaining command in excess of hostage kidnappers or dealing with couple attackers with chilly weapon)”

10. .”When an Aiki Krav Maga scholar stands in all my requirements, and reaches a higher stage, he acquires knowledge in diversified martial arts that guide him to a deeper comprehension of the artwork in preventing and going in a fighter

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