Amazing LED light panels for Photography & Video

If you’re going to invest a lot of money in a good camera to up your YouTube game you should carefully consider your lighting! These new LED light panels from Aputure are remote controlled, battery & AC power compatible and very versatile!

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Extremely Powerful

Light Storm LS 1s appears with about 30000lux in half a meter(1.64ft), which is almost equal to a traditional
1000W tungsten. In half a meter, while the aperture is
32.6, the shutter is 24f/s, and the ISO is 400, you can
easily get the correct exposure.

Tough and Professional Aero-Aluminum

LS 1 use aero-aluminum to achieve the best balance
performance of heat, density, strength, workability,
etc. So that the function parameters can get a perfect
show. Delicate design and elaborate production
combine for a robust but exquisite housing that can
fulfill low forward heat of the fixture.

Exceptional Light Efficiency Experience
The LS 1 maintains industry-leading color reproduction, meticulously
selected diffusing paper and increased barn door, achieving more
variable light-effect control.

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Post time: 12-20-2017